Thursday, December 8, 2011

Weekend Off!

All the orders placed before Dec.1 (cut off date for orders) are almost finished!

Therefore, I am going to treat myself to a little mini vacation this weekend and head to Dallas to see some friends!

So just a note that if you send an email tomorrow - Sunday, I will reply to them 1st thing monday morning!
All orders not shipped on Friday (tomorrow)  will be shipped the following Monday!
You will receive an email when your item ships!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and gets lots of shopping in!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sloane's a Little Diva

I did a Home Expo in Tulsa (back in October) that a few of my Sorority Sisters held. 
SO to help me take everything to Tulsa and set up for the event, one of my besties came up from TX!

Allison made the 3 1/2 hour drive from Amarillo to help and even better we got to stay the weekend with one of our girlfriends while in Tulsa..Whitney!

These two girls are AMAZING and seriously helped me more than I could ever describe. 
They packed, unpacked, loaded, unloaded, organized, labeled, priced, re-priced, folded, priced again, etc.!

WE stayed up till 4 am  laughing and drinking lots of coffee, while getting everything ready for the next day!

So I owe them both a big THANK YOU for helping me out so much and to Whitney for making the most Fabulous coffee ever! :)

You two ROCK!

SoYes, getting to hang out with both Allison and Whitney was great , but one of the highlights of the weekend was getting to spend time with Whitney's little girl Sloane too!  
I think Sloane thought she was in dress up heaven when she came down the stairs in the morning to an entire living room filled with girlish goodies
(Tutu's, Bows, Dresses, Oh My!)

So of course, being the cool Aunt Tata that I am...I had to let her play dress her up in all the new outfits that I was taking to the show!

Here are just a few of the precious pics we took!

Rocking the Zebra Christmas outfit!

A little Turkey day and Pumpkin outfit!

Now she's warmed up a bit to the camera!
She seriously was such a HAM and loved getting to put on all the outfits!

She really put a little bit of sass in this outfit!

  Thanks Whitney for letting me play dress up with Sloane!
I loved it and loved getting to spend the weekend with such wonderful friends!
Definitley need more of those weekends!

Custom Order Mania!

I'm still trying to finish up all the custom orders that came in before December 1.
I am making progress and hopefully will be done by this weekend so I can start working on new items for next year!

Here are some pics of some of the recently finished goodies!

Custom Birthday outfit!

1 of 2 shirts made for sisters for thier Disney World Trip!

Custom order for a Christmas Present!

Birthday shirt for a Princess!

My Wish List!

My family keeps asking me what I want for Christmas.
Truth is - I don't need anything.
So it's been hard for me to come up with ideas for them.

Then they threw a curve ball and asked, "What do you need for your business?"

This is when the wish list started!

A Sewing Desk
(How nice it would be to be organized and have an actual space devoted to sewing)
Yes, I am in love with these DESKS.
Please and Thank You Mom, Dad and Little Bro!

Sew Functional!

Lots of storage and organization!

If only I could be this organized with my thread!
Mine looks like a war zone!
 Great idea with the shelves against the wall!

LOVE this one too!

OHH...looking at these sewing desks makes me so EXCITED to get to fix up a new sewing room soon! 
My last craft room was good, but with so many new ideas the next one will be AWESOME!
(and functional too!)

And the next item on the wish list...

A Serger
Look out, I will be making professional seams in no time!

Mom - I am leaving the choice on which one up to you!
You're the one with the knowledge on them!

Next item on Wish List...

New Computer

Yes, I have been putting it off forever, but I need a new one.
But cannot decide if I want a Mac or not.
Hmmmm. Decisions.

So that is my simple Wish List for my Business right now!
I definitely need alot more,
but those are the BIG items that will allow me to go even further with my hobby business!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Edmond Outlook features TTFH at Beaucuop Boutique

Make sure to check out December's issue of Edmond Outlook!
Tater Tots and Fire Hoses is being featured in the add for Beaucoup Boutiques.

Beaucuop Boutiques
1440 Lincoln Blvd.
Edmond, Ok
Open 10-7, Mon - Sat, 1-6 Sun.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Looks alot like Christmas at Beaucoup Boutiques in Edmond

I love CHRISTMAS time! 

Make sure to stop by the store sometime before Christmas and check out all the fabulous finds! 

More Christmas Items!

And here are some more of the completed Christmas items!
Most are available at Beaucoup Boutiques in Edmond and Stockyards Mercantile in OKC.

Lots of selection for all the little hunks!
This one is my FAVORITE for this year!

Every little boy needs Camo, Right?
I think I sell out of this one every time I take new ones to the stores!

Made this shirt as a custom order for a client whose son LOVES the movie Elf.
Of course, I thought it was hysterical and had to make a few for the boutiques :)

JESUS is the Reason for the Season.

A favorite brought back from last year!

 Love the Santa House design this year!
Complete with matching zebra pants or coordinating skirts!

I cannot keep this one stocked at any of the boutiques, it sells out as I am putting them up!

 Every little girl needs this one!

Classy and Elegant Right? I Love this little stocking in Corduroy!
I also made cute little ruffle pants in black corduroy to match! 

 Tis the Season to be Fabulous!

 Elf Sized design from last year but with a little bit more SASS!

 So many cute hats this year for the holidays!
And another favorite from last year... the GRINCH!

Elf Sized all decked out!

Yep - tons of headbands have been made and delivered!

Probably a picture overload in this post but that is what happens when I take 2 months off from updating the website!
Happy Monday!!
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