Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Burp Cloth Mania

I recently had a HUGE surge of requests for burp cloths.  I never remember to take pics of any that I make, but after this last round of emails requesting some fun ones..... I decided to finally start taking some pics and actually posting them!

So here are a few that I have made recently and some of them are actually going to be in the Stockyards Mercantile for sale soon!

Dr. Seuss Set

Red/Blue Set

Traff Jam burp cloth!

Camo Onesie and matching Diva burp cloth

Fun Flower burp cloth and Plaid burp cloth

Oh My Twins!

The best part of making baby clothes...is getting to give some fun gifts to friends! 
A sorority sister of mine recently gave birth to triplets at a very early stage in her pregnancy... one of the little angels went to be in heaven and the other two are now thriving and topping the charts at almost 5 lbs each! 
Which is an amazing growth from the 1lb they each weighed at birth! 

The twins are still in the NICU but my hopes are that Erika and Scott are able to take thier sweet little angels home soon! 

So here are some of the fun items I sent the twins a couple of weekgs ago!

Two little monkey onesies
The boy one for Sloan and the girlie one for Lane!

And of course the Thing 1 and Thing 2 outfits that I just LOVE! 
(And Yes, I had to throw in a big blinged out bow for Ms. Lane!)

A fun owl onesie for Lane...

And a rockin record onesie for Sloan!

And I didn't take pics of them, but I made the teeny tinest headbands for Lane... because every little princess needs some!

Congrats Erika and Scott!
I am already thinking of more fun items I can send you all!

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