Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Had to share this pic sent to me by a customer of the two cutest Future Thunder Girls i've seen!!

Hope everyone is ready for the game tonight!!!
And if you need Thunder gear... Beaucoup Boutiques in Edmond is open until 7pm and has some Thunder items still there!

Little Behind - But catching up!

Hi all!  

 Just wanted to let everyone know that I am playing catch up on emails, as I have had my head down sewing the last couple of days and then with the crazy weather that hit Oklahoma last night, I was mostly glued to the TV waiting to take cover! 

So I am trying to catch up on any emails that I have may have missed the last few days!
 If you by chance have sent me an email and I have not responded, please send another one! 
I get over 100 emails a day and sometimes, they may get looked over on accident or they may go to my junk mail by accident, etc. ( I really do try to not let this happen, I promise!)

So please be patient with me in regards to answering emails.. I am getting to each one of them as fast as I can!

Thanks again to all my wonderful customers!

You definitely keep me busy and I LOVE it!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thunder gear now at Beaucoup Boutiques!

Better get yours before the game tonight! 
Beaucoup Boutiques is located at 14400 N. Lincoln Blv. in Edmond 
 (between Memorial and 33rd street)
in the old Pump It Up building!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Merritt's almost 2!

Ok, it's been a while since I did a post on this little one!

Can you believe she is almost 2?!?
Seriously, I have no idea where the time went!

Miss Merritt is definitely full of energy these days and her personality has grown so much that I now officially label her the "Diva" of her family!
And since her big sister never let me dress her up in anything girly, I am trying my best to take full advantage of dressing this one up as girly as I can!

Hearing Merritt say "Pretty" or "Bow" or point to a tutu when I show her all the clothes I made her, could not make my heart melt more!

She really is a joy to be around and I love the fact that her mom still trusts me to watch even though she never knows what she will find when she comes home! 

See - just dinner minus some clothes with her baby doll!
(At least she at the two pieces of cake on her plate before I took this pic. I would have really felt like a terrible Tata if I would have got that caught on camera!)

Sometimes I even get to try out some of my new headbands on her...
The crazy, wild hair 70's look is in right?

One of Merritt's favorite things to do right now is to sing with her mom. 
Now when I say sing, I mean Merritt picks the song, tells you if you are to sing or not and then of course will tell you NO if you are doing it wrong. 
(And yes, I have gotten the NO a couple of times... so I have been practicing to make sure I am up to Miss Merritt's standards when singing! )

 And her songs of choice these days include...
Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
Wheels on the Bus
Bumble Bee Song
Itsy Bitsy Spider

I never imagined in a millionaire years that Mandy and I's road trips would now consist of these lyrics instead of the top 40 on the radio.
But they do and I love it! 

She even makes me play with rocks on fire hydrants and I am more than willing do so!

I really think her mom said it best the other day when she told me...
"It's Merritt's World and I am just living in it"
(and yes, there will be a shirt made with this saying soon!)
It is Merritt's world and I think she knows it!

Ahh - I love this little munchkin!

Thunder Up with TTFH's!

I have had so many requests the last week or so for some THUNDER gear for little ones, that I finally buckled down and made some last night!

Here is one for the littlest of diva's outfits or should I say "Future Thunder Girl!"
 (Loving the Over the Top Bow to match!)

 How about some "Peace, Love, Thunder!"

And I couldn't forget all the little men out there! 
Here are the two designs I have right now, but custom designs are welcome!

All items will be made within a 2 day turnaround (or sooner)! 
Email with any orders!

Hoping to have all these items in the following locations by Saturday -
River View Mercantile in Perkins, OK

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Being a SuperHero is not Easy!

Guess what's new for summer?!?

Yep - Super Hero capes! 
All can be customized with your little ones favorite color, design, etc!.

Oh and you can't forget the mask or the personalized tee!

I mean sometimes being a superhero is hard....
 but when you look this good while saving lives, it is a whole lot more fun!

OH and did I mention I have girl ones too?!?
Stay tuned for pics!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Little Diva for USMC!

I received these pics awhile back and I just realized that I never posted them! 
How cute is this little girl showing her support for her daddy dressed head to toe in TTFH clothing and accessories!

Mickey and Minnie

Couple of pics of some fun Minnie and Mickey mouse themed shirts I created for a friends little kiddos to wear on thier first trip to DisneyWorld! 

They both are rockin these shirts!
I love it!

Photoshoot Pics... More to come!

Here are a few pics I just received from the photo shoot and that will soon be in a couple of my locations on display!

A fire truck was a must with a boutique name like "Tater Tots and Fire Hoses!"

 The new Peace shirt/tank for the summer! 

Love them!  More to be posted soon!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Half Marathons - I Did It!

Just wanted to share a couple of pics from my first 2 Half Marathons! 
I know I mentioned that I had been training in previous posts and well.. I did it! 

The first one was the A2A Half in Ada
Not the best outcome but hey, I finished in 25 mph winds!

My parents are awesome and showed up to support Jaime and I at mile 4/5 and at the finish! 

And the 2nd - Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon
The weather didn't exactly cooperate... cold and rainy!
But all the more fun to run in!

A friend sent this pic to me.. I'm the small yellow dot in the pic :)

Just had to share a bit of what I have been up to in my free time!
(Did I really just say free time)

I will admit though that I am ADDICTED!
 I already have a couple of 10K's scheduled and am contemplating running the FULL Marathon in Dallas in December! 
(but like I said.... just contemplating the Full!)

But definitely will be doing lots more Half's in the future!

Ok - back to sewing!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Triplets = Great Models!

Remember my post here about making some fun outfits for a sorority sister who just had triplet girls?

 Well here they are!

All I can say is PRECIOUS! 
OH and I also give MAJOR props to these little beauties mom!
Stephanie - You are a ROCK STAR for all that you do!
I can't even begin to think about how busy you are each day with three!
So Thank You so much for sending me the sweet pic of them! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Photos of Beaucoup Boutiques!

More pics of Beaucoup Boutiques that is opening soon in Edmond!  
Still lots of work to be done (photos to put up and lots of inventory to add)!

Almost all the clothing designs are new and I have made other items such as picture frames, stuffed animals, burp cloths, headband holders, bow holders, bibs, headbands galore and Dresses/Bloomer Outfits!

Lots more pics to be posted!
Didn't want to have an overload in one posting :)

Little Wyatt's

One of my dear friends from work had her 2nd little baby girl a couple of months ago and I just had to share some sweet pics that she has sent me!  Little DeLaney is just so precious and Big Sis Carigan is well a complete Doll!  I definitely think Jenn and Travis will have their hands full with these two little beauties!

Big Sis Carigan showing off her Tater Tots and Fire Hoses headband!

I tried to upload more pics of little DeLaney in some of the fun headbands and outfits I got her but unfortunately, the pics will not upload :(  

But I think the ones above show off just how precious her little girls are! 

Congrats Jenn and Travis!
You two are truly blessed with these little divas!

Birthday Fun!

Birthday Outfits are ALWAYS so much fun for me to create!  Here are just a few little divas and small hunks in their special day outfits!

Miss L in her Valentine Themed Birthday Attire!

Miss K in her Rocked out Zebra Themed Outfit!

Mr. B in his Baseball inspired tee for his party! 

 Candy Inspired Party outfit for this sweet little girl!

Did I mention for a "Sweet" little girl! :) 

Thank you to all the moms for sharing the pics with me! 

Little Itty Bitty Triplets!

One of my sorority sisters had triplet GIRLS a couple of months ago and I could not resist creating some fun items for the girls! I still have lots of fun ideas in my head and now that I might have some free time, I am excited to make the girl some more gifts!   But meanwhile.. here are a couple of pics of the items I already sent to the three little DIVA'S!

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