Thursday, September 23, 2010

What have I been working on.....

Wow, I can't believe that my new blog has been finished for over two months and I am just now sitting down and starting to finally download pics! It's definitely been crazy around my house with orders constantly coming in, I have been working day and night to get them all out in a timely manner! 

And just as soon as I think I made a dent in my order log and I can slow down a bit.... I realize my log now has more orders than I started with the day before :)  OH GEEZ!

I have to say that I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined that my fun little hobby would turn into such a full time, exciting job for me!  Now don't get me wrong, I am still working my REAL full time job (which I love) and am just doing this on the side ...  but Tater Tots and Fire Hoses has literally exploded these last couple of months and I have been staying constant at 100 + orders!  And how do I get all these done while working full time, still trying to have a social life, and of course make it to boot camp nightly and get a run in as much as I can... well I give the credit to very late nights, no sleep, lots of caffeine, and my mom ironing, cutting, shipping, delivering, tutu making, and running errands for me whenever she can! She has definitely been my rock and allowed me to keep on track of what I am trying to accomplish!  
Yep, my mom is pretty much my rock ! 

So with that said, with all the orders coming in I have had the chance to make some really awesome custom items!  So Here are a few Birthday items that I have made these past couple of months that I love! 

Custom Brown and Pink Birthday Outfit fit for a Princess!  And all the direction I got from this one was... I want something girlie!  I definitely think I was able to accomplish her request :)

Tank, Matching Bloomers and Tutu!

Here is one that was made for a total Diva... Haven!!
I am LOVING the leopard cupcake!

And what can get more girlie than PINK and PURPLE! 
Love making the 1st birthday outfits for all the little ones!

Now this one was a challenge!  When I was asked to come up with a design that had both a cupcake and an owl  design on a 1st Birthday shirt, I was not quite sure what I could do. 
But when I saw the end product.. I even amazed myself!

Whoo's One!

One of my longest friends (I think we met when we were 2) asked me to make her daughter a tulle cupcake onesie for her cupcake themed party!  Having never attempted this before.. I will have to say I loved how it turned out and I can't wait to make MANY, MANY more of these!

And after I had the first customer ask about the Owl Birthday Outfit, I had another one with a special request for another one, but with a few changes/additions!  

Another customer asked me to make a t-shirt for her little girl's 1st Birthday party and for her 1 year old pictures!  
She wanted it to match a hot pink skirt she was going to have her wear! 

Hot Pink/Zebra 1st Birthday Tee and Wild Zebra Leggings

Stay tuned for lots more pics to come!

And Thank You to all my wonderful customers who definitely keep my BUSY :)

Small Hunks are ready for Game Day!

Here are some of the small hunks that are all set for Football Season!
Evan showing is house is definitely one that is DIVIDED!  

 Here is my little cousin Knox, in one of many onesies I have given him :)  
His mom has him all ready for game day.. I think she might already be teaching him
Boomer Sooner!

Rylan's mom has him decked out in his OU attire too! I'm sure she was certainly glad I gave this to her at her baby shower :)

Hmmm... I am starting to think I see a theme with all the boys!
Maybe I should make them the best OK school's onesie just to be fair to them :)

Little Divas Ready for Football


Check out these Diva's all ready for Football Season!  

Ellie and Lainey are definitely ready for game day in Oklahoma with their
House Divided Onesies!

 Then again there are some parents in Oklahoma that can only root for one OK team...
 Merritt Grace in her Pokes shirt!  

And here she is again in her orange/black/white cross shirt!

and here she is again in her orange/black/white flower tank!

Are you starting to see a pattern with this little girl :)

More little Football Divas to come!

Some Fun Designs I can do on Your Choice of Onesie/Shirt!

I recently started making Heat Press shirts because I LOVE how fun the designs are to come up! 
So here are a few of the designs for Halloween that you can put on any color of shirt/onesie! 

A Wee Bit Wicked!

Perfect for the little diva! 
Put this design on a hot pink onesie and add some rhinestones and you will have one hip little girl for Halloween!
(Pics of the finished outfit to come shortly)

Rockin Boo!
How cute will your little man look in this rockin Boo! design!  
Just something to be a little different this Halloween!

Have another idea for Halloween??

Just email me and let me know your idea for a customized design! 

Halloween Designs for Girls

Here are some of the fun designs that I have been working on for all the little girls!

The Girlie Ghost

Add a white tutu and pink bow to make the outfit complete!
NOTE: I have a limited amount of this color of onesie. However, I have another green color of onesie and t-shirt that this design will look great on!  If you would like another color of onesie/shirt, just email me to see what I can do!

Here is a close up of the design!

Another fun design...Wickedy Witch!
Pair this with a lime green tutu and you got the cutest Halloween outfit around!

Please email: 
with any questions or orders! 

Stay tuned.. Lots more to come!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Halloween Designs for Boys

Few Halloween Designs that I have done so far and there are still many more to come!

Boo Applique in Skull Material 
(You can choose any material for this design. Want to make it for a girl, we can do it!)

Introducing the Heat Press designs I have started making and LOVE them because they are COMPLETELY customizable!  

Boo Heat Transfer Design.
Can be made on any size of shirt and I can add rhinestones, ribbon, etc. to make it girly!
Want it on an orange t-shirt... No problem! These are completely customizable.

Will You Be My Ghoulfriend!  
Perfect for your little guy!

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