Friday, December 17, 2010

Let the Holiday Festivities Begin!

Guess who is ready for all the Christmas Parties of the Season???

That would be Boston!  He's definitely a little hunk in this Christmas Argyle Tie shirt! 
So ladies tell all your little divas.... he's definitely one that they need to chase after on the playground in a couple of years!

Jaybie is Elf Sized!

Miss Jaybie is definitely santa's lil helper in this pic!    
Look how precious she is in her Newsboy hat, Onesie and red/green elf striped baby legs!    

Makes me so excited for Christmas when I get to see fun pics like these! 

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Even Crying... This little one is Still Stylin

Well her mommy may kill me for posting this pic... but it's just to cute for words! 
(That is if you were there and saw how Merritt threw a little fit for no reason other than I think to watch herself throw one in the mirror!)

But you know.. even if she is throwing a small little fit, she still looks completely adorable doing so! 

In her Happy Birthday Jesus shirt and her Oh SO stylin Gap jeans... she makes a fit even look cute! 
(Mandy - you will thank me one day for capturing all these great moments for you! :)  )

And then of course Merritt had to help her big sis and I out with our little photoshoot of the new headbands!

So first she modeled one of the new Newsboy Hats I just got in!
These are definitely a keeper and look adorable on just about any little girl!

And then when she got tired of the hat.. we moved on to the headbands! 
Here she is with the Red and White Polka Dot Rosette/Marabou Headband! 
(Perfect for any Christmas or Valentines Outfit!)

And even after her bath.. she was still ready to model a few more headbands for me!
Here she is in the Small Orange and White Polka Dot Headband!

And in the Black and White Felt/Lace Flower Headband

Oh how I love nights at Mandy's getting to hang with her fam! 

More Rosette Heabands

Medium Size Christmas Rosette Headband
Size: 12 months through Adult
Price: $14.95

Large Hot Pink Satin Rosette with Antique Rhinestone Center
Size: 12 months through Adult
Price: $15.95
(I kept one like this and wear it all the time! I absolutely love it!)

I had to throw in a pic of Merritt modeling one of the headbands! 
I would ask her is she wanted a headband and she would say "Yes" in the cutest little voice and then of course only keep it on for a minute! :)

Small Orange and White Polka Dot Rosette with Rhinestone Center
Size: 12 months through Adult
Price: $12.95

Red and White Polka Dot Double Rosette Heaband
Size: 12 months through Adult
Price: $14.95

Green and White Polka Dot Rosette with Antique Rhinestone Center
Size: 12 months through Adult
Price: $14.95

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Rosette Headbands!

Here are a few Pics of the new headbands!
These were a HIT in the show the other weekend and I will admit...
I have kept alot of them for myself!

Sorry the pics are Horrible... if only I had a decent camera.
Maybe Santa will bring me one :)

Large Pink Satin Rosette with Rhinestone Center
Size: Toddler/12 months through Adult
Price: $15.95

Small Satin Hot Pink Rosette with Rhinestone Center
Size: Toddler through Adult
Price: $13.95

Red and White Triple Headband
(Great For Valentines Day or Christmas!)
Size: Toddler/12 months through Adult
Price: $13.95

Large Black Satin Rosette with Antique Rhinestone Center
(I kept one of these for myself..I love it!)
Size: Toddler/12 months through Adult
Price: $15.95

 Large Leopard Print Rosette with Rhinestone Center
Size: 12 months/Toddler through Adults
Price: $15.95

Lots more to be pictured soon! 
(It's late and I need to hit the hay because work is calling my name tomorrow morning bright and early.)

Grinch Onesie's!

Just a pic of one of the grinch onesie's I have left! 

Size: 6 months and 12 months

Santa Leopard Hat Onesie Available!

So as I am going through all my stock and items from my booth at the Stockyards Mercantile, I realized I had one of these left!

This item has been one of the most popular ones this season! 

Size: 6 months and ready to ship!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pics from Holiday Expo .. What can you See?

Here are some fun pics of the Holiday Expo that I did a couple of weeks ago!
The setup did not get completed all the way due to time and it was my first time using my new "Grid System" but overall, I think it turned out pretty well!
(Oh and the lack of sleep was not helping at all... over 36 hours with no sleep.... That is a first since college!)

Notice the cute little tank dresses, the pant sets and the velour jumpsuits that I had!  These will be some of the new stuff offered at the stockyards and this upcoming year!

The Christmas Section! 
 See the awesome red and white stripe baby legs with fur cuff in the pic below
(One pair is still available for purchase!)

Notice a red and green pettiskirt in the pic below
(It is still available for purchase - size 2T -4T!)

Another shot of the stage while getting ready for the show! 
So sad we did not get to use our Christmas Tulle and other decorations on the grid :(

The table with all the cowboy shirts from my booth at the Stockyards Mercantile and then some other random items!
(Rock Star onesie in pic below is size 6 month and available for purchase!)

If only I had remembered to take some more pics... I owe a big thank you to Miss Morgandy for taking these on her phone for me! 

More Items Available for Immediate Purchase!

Christmas Tree Long Sleeve
Size: 6-9 months Onesie
Size: Youth Small Shirt

Elf sized Long sleeve onesie
Size: 12 months and 18 months

Tis the Season Onesie Short Sleeve
Size: 0-3 months
Size: 12-18 months Long Sleeve

Argyle Tie Shirts Short Sleeve Black
Green Arglye Tie - Size 4T

Santa Rocks Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve Onesie
Size: 6-9 months and 12 months

Tis the Season Long Sleeve
Size: 6-12 months

And last but not least... one of my favorite for this year!

GRINCH Long Sleeve Onesie!
(Does not include the initial and ornament may be different color)
Size: 6 months and 12 months
$22.00 each

If you have a question about sizes, prices, shipping info or possibly want to know if I have a certain item in stock in a different size, please feel free to email
with all inquiries!

Happy Holidays!

Items Available for Immediate Purchase! Great Last Minute Gifts!

I have been debating on taking some of the extra items I have on hand down to my booth at the stockyards...
 but then decided that I wanted to give all my Facebook Fan's and Blog Readers the first dibs on the items! 

So below are some pics of the items that are already made and available for immediate purchase! All items can be shipped within 24 hours of payment and if in OKC area, they possibly can be delivered asap!

So Happy Shopping!

(email for inquiry on items)

OH and just for Blog Readers, all items are listed at a discounted price!

Size 3- 6 months

Leopard Sequin Santa Hat
18 month Short Sleeve

3-6 months, 6-9 months and 12 months
$15.00 each

Velour Leopard Set
Newborn (0-3 months)
Set is $32.00

Santa Rocks Long Sleeve
Size: 4t/5t

Short Sleeve Red onesie with Blue Cross
6 months

Newborn Candy Cane Onesie (can add bow and rhinestones)
 Small Pettiskirt Red

Argyle Tie Long Sleeve Onesies In Red and Green
Sizes: 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months and 12 months
$15.00 each

More pics to be posted soon of some new items I will be offering this next year and items still available for immediate purchase!

**Lots of different types of Rosette Headbands, which I have even made for myself and cannot quit wearing, will be posted soon for purchase!**

The Cutest Grinch Ever!

I think everyone will agree with me that the pic below is just probably...
 the CUTEST THING ever!

Jenni is definitely one Little Diva that has put a whole new meaning to Christmas Dress Up :)
And I could not be more happy with how this outfit turned out!
 Newsboy Hat, leggings, tutu and all... She is one cutie patootie GRINCH!

I mean really could the newsboy hat and bow get any cuter on her! ? !  

Thanks Georgia for sharing the pics!
This one is definitely a keeper to show off in Christmas Shows next year! 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Harlan!

Well... I really did take the weekend off! I have to admit, I think it's the first weekend in months that I actually didn't answer emails, phone calls, or messages or posts! 
It was extremely nice to get to have some down time and to get to see some good friends!  Here are some pics of this weekend at Harlan's 2nd Birthday party!

Harlan and I in her Princess Jump House that was Awesome!
I had to try and teach her how to do some flips and toe touches :)

Mommy and Harlan getting ready to get into her cake!

 Harlan is super excited about her Princess Cake! 
(And can I just say she looked absolutely darling in her outfit I made for her birthday party! )

What was she wanting to do... go outside and jump of course!!!

 And here is Harlan's little Cousin Boston and I!
He is such a little sweetie and I was so glad I got to see him for a bit!!!

Such a great weekend and I am sure there are lots more pics to be posted soon! 

Dear Santa - Bring me the BLING!

These two little diva's have one awesome mom! 
Why you might ask??
Well because she always makes sure her little princesses are the talk of the party!
I mean.. just look at their cute little Christmas shirts she asked me to design!  

Dear Santa, Bring me the BLING! 

And when you put the red and white stripe leggings with the shirts... you have instant cuteness! 

Oh and just for fun.. here is little Madden again!!

Thanks Melissa for sharing the pics!
I have had so much fun making shirts for your little girls!

Santa Baby....

Precious little Alyssa in her Leopard Santa Hat onesie and pettiskirt! 

Absolutely Adorable! She is definitely ready for the Holiday Season in this outfit!
Thanks Marissa so much for sharing!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Taking a Break this Weekend....

I am going to be out of town this weekend for one of my best friends little girls birthday party... so I will not be able to reply to emails until Sunday.  Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that it might be Sunday evening or Monday before I can get back to you! 

Sorry for any inconvenience...but the little ones come first and getting to spend quality time with all them is Priceless for me!  :)

More Christmas Orders Finished....

Just thought I would share some of the fun orders I finished up this week!

Cute Leopard Santa Hat onesie with matching bow and detachable pin!

Leopard Cross with Christmas Ribbon!
(Never can go wrong with one of my cross designs!)

Joy onesie!

 Reindeer Tee! I love how this design turned out!

Another pic of the reindeer tee, just because I like it :)

And here is another reindeer design for a customer!  I love this one too!

Candy Can Cutie onesie and matching pettiskirt! 
( I have a bow to go on the candy canes, I just forgot to put it on for the pic)

Tie onesies!

I think the big rush of Christmas items is hopefully finished!
And I think I got the last of all the Christmas related orders out today! 
Thank goodness!!!
I will admit, I am worn slick and definitely need a small break because working basically two full time jobs doesn't give me much time to ever rest... but if I keep truckin along hopefully in the end it will all pay off !! 

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