Sunday, January 30, 2011

Forget Chocolates - I want DIAMONDS!!

I just finished these two Custom Valentine Shirts for sisters!

Can you say ADORABLE!!

Sneak Peak at St. Patty's Day items!

Since February is going to be a busy month for me with traveling for work/vacations, etc, I spent the day making some fun St. Patty's Day shirts,onesies, bows, and bloomers! 
So be looking for lots of "Green" to be in the Stockyards Mercantile and the River View Mercantile within the next couple of weeks! 

The bloomers are even cuter in person! 
(still need to add the finishing touches to them, but had to post a pic!)

I hope this makes everyone start thinking of getting their little one something Green for St. Patty's Day!  You definitely don't want them to get pinched! :)

OH and here is something for the little guys! 
(I couldn't leave them out!)

Lots more of pics to be posted soon!  

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ladies Night at the StockYards Mercantile - Friday February 4th!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Stockyards Mercantile is hosting their next Ladies Night on Friday, February 4th from 6-9 pm!  

See flyer below for details!

Sooo if you are free... come visit Tater Tots and Fire Hoses and lots of other great vendors on Ladies Night!

Custom Heat Press Designs

Here are a couple of custom orders I did before Christmas!  These were for a spunky little girl who apparently has made up her own saying... "You Dork, Me Cool"!
So her parents asked if I could create a shirt displaying thier little ones favorite new saying!  And this is the result...

Now how cute is that :)

Dance Fever!

I had to share this fun shirt that I finished before Christmas for a little girl that loves DANCE and loves being the center of ATTENTION.. as her dad put it :)

And from what I hear... she LOVED her Christmas present! :)

Thanks Daren and Heather for all the fun orders! 
It's so fun making stuff for all your little girls!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Valentine Bows and Clippies!

Lots of bows, clips, and all types of headbands are now at the Stockyards and at River View Mercantile!
 If you see any that you like.. email me and I will see if I can pull it for you or make another one!

I LoVE all the Valentine colors!

Valentine Baby Legs

Red, Pink and White Valentine Baby legs will be put into the Stockyards tomorrow and hopefully at River View Mercantile this weekend! 
 I will also keep some on hand for anyone that is interested! 
Just email me!

Simple, Sweet, and Classy

Simple,Sweet and Classy definitely describes the outfit below! 

Perfect for Valentines or Spring!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Love all the Little Diva's!

Here are some of the pics that I have received from customers!  I just keep forgetting to post them! 

How precious is this little girl in her Grinch outfit for Christmas! 
This is one of my favorite outfits that I made for Christmas this last year and I love how it looks in pics! 

Thanks for sharing Alisha!! I love the pics!

Here is a friend of mine's little girl, Vivian! 
If you think she looks adorable in this pic - you should see her in person! 
A complete doll!   
Modeling her DIVA onesie and her Christmas tree onesie!!

And here is Craighton!
(Don't you just love her name!)
She's wearing her Born Fabulous onesie that her mommy got for her at one of my shows!
Sooo cute!

 Another cute pic of a customers little girl in her Santa Leopard Shirt!
I am so glad that Jennifer found my blog and I was able to get her the shirt just in time for her little girls Christmas Program at school! 
Thanks for Sharing Jennifer - She looks adorable!

And here is Abigail in her Halloween shirt! 
Her mom is one of my sorority sisters and great friends from college!
I just wished they lived alot closer so I could see the more :(

Love this little girl!
She definitely takes after her mom with her sassy little personality but looks like her daddy for sure!

And this pic... well Meet Sophie!
Her mom is Trisha ( a friend from High School) who is the one that organized and put on the last 2 Home Expos that I participated in! 
So at the December show... we decided to dress little Sophie up in the Santa Tutu Dress! 
It was a little big for her but she still looked FABULOUS and she definitely knew it! 
She walked all around the convention center posing for lots and lots of pics in the outfit and well looked like a total Santa Baby Diva while doing so!

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss

For Christmas one of my cousins asked me to make her little boy Miles and her nephew Knox, Thing 1 and Thing 2 outfits because they are only 2 weeks apart!  I had originally planned and ordered 2 red footed pajamas but unfortunately they were on backorder and I still have not recieved them.
SO I had to improvise and use plain red onesies for the time being.. and here are the finished products!

AHH I still cannot get the pics to turn the right way. 

But I love how the turned out and I can't wait to make them on the actuall pajamas once I receive them!

OH and Don't you just love Dr. Seuss! 
 I couldn't resist putting one of the quotes in the post title. 
Such a simple quote that can teach a young one so much :) 

Big/Lil Combo Sets

Lately I have been getting a TON of custom orders for Big/Lil combo sets and I keep forgetting to post pics of them when they are finished! So here are some of the ones that I have finished in the last couple of weeks!

(I can't figure out how to rotate the pictures for some reason)

*Big/Lil shirts or onesies run about $22-24 for short sleeves and $24-26 for long sleeves.*

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grand Opening - January 24th for the River View Mercantile!

I am so excited to announce that the River View Merantile officially announced their grand opening will be Monday - January 24th!

(Sneak Peak at what the checkout counter looks like!)

I traveled to the store yesterday and it is looking great and I think it will be such a great addition to the small town of Perkins!  Lots of good vendors in there already and the owner, Ashley, is absolutely adorable!  I had such a great time setting up and getting to visit with her and her little girls! I can't wait to go back next week and see the complete finished product!

SO after lots of hours painting display tables, getting outfits finished and lots of bows made, here is the final result!

I am still working on lots of new display tables/chairs/bookcases, etc. but here is what is at the store for the Grand Opening!  I LOVE how it turned out! And I am thinking I might even need to get a larger space soon! :)

Just for fun... More pics!

I am so loving how the new mannequin heads turned out! 
The collage ones took me FOREVER but they are so cute once they are in the display, so I guess it was definitely worth it!

Lots of headbands for babies through adults!  Tons more to come too!

Of course lots of Valentine outfits are in stock and ready for the Grand Opening!

Another look at some of the fun items... zebra shoes, Valentine Bows, baby leggings, headbands, tutu's, etc!

Perkins -Tryon Demons Custom shirts!  More to come soon!

New Boys Design
"I Like Girls with Big Bows"
Available only at River View Mercantile!

Hope everyone enjoyed a sneak peak of what will be offered by
Tater Tots and Fire Hoses
at River View Mercantile! 

A couple of the other vendors include:  

Find them on Facebook! 

Find them on Facebook too!

And finally here are just a few more pics of the home decor items/vendor booths you will see at the grand opening!

Please feel free to email me at
with any questions, etc!

River View Mercantile
132 S. Main
Perkins, OK 74059

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